World Literature Today highlights the poetry of Malva

PeetersWorld Literature Today commends Dutch poet Hagar Peeter’s debut novel about the unknown daughter of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda:

“The book is as lush with speculative literary history as it is with lyrical prose, picking its way through the sticky webs of family dynamics and revolutionary politics with a focus on neglected figures. […] As Malva reclaims her father’s pen to tell her story of abandonment, the novel probes the question of how to make sense of Neruda’s political outspokenness in light of his silence on the subject of his own mute daughter, revisiting his poetry to find where Malva might fit among all the omissions. Malva is as much a triumphant meditation on disability as it is a fiercely revisionist biography. […] Peeters misses no chance to show her poetic strength.” – Grant Schatzman

Look for the article in the November 2018 issue or read it online. For more information about the Malva, visit our book page.