2 new reviews focus on “fiercely independent” author Asmaa al-Ghoul

5 copyIn a new review on sister-hood, an award-winning digital magazine spotlighting the diverse voices of women of Muslim heritage, human rights lawyer Sayeh Hassan praises Asmaa al-Ghoul’s A Rebel in Gaza“Refreshing and eye-opening […] This memoir was a page turner, and I appreciated Asmaa’s challenging perspective, her outspokenness and her strength. […]  I would recommend this memoir to anyone interested in the ongoing conflict in Gaza, or to anyone who wishes to read a thrilling memoir by a strong, brave and inspiring woman living under difficult circumstances.” Read the full review here.

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian-Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy/human rights advocate.

JD Jung of Underrated Reads adds that the book is “heart-wrenching…written in a very personal and literary fashion. A Rebel in Gaza moved me so much [and opened] my eyes. All readers who claim to be compassionate should read A Rebel in Gaza.” Read the full review here.