Upcoming Events for DoppelHouse Press

Hagar Peeters on Tour

October 11th, 7–9 PM– A bilingual (English/Spanish) poetry reading organized by Keith Martin and hosted by Brendan Constantine at Jones Coffee Roasters in Pasadena, with Hagar Peeters and Vanessa Angelica Villareal, Mariano Zaro, Francisco Escamilla, and Angela Aguirre. Free coffee and pastries. Pizza for sale on site. Free event.

October 12th, 8 PM– Ms. Peeters will be at Beyond Baroque in conversation with Verónica Cortínez, UCLA Professor of Latin American Literature: “Feminist Poetics and Revisionist Histories.” Free event.

October 13-14– Hagar Peeters will be hitting San Francisco’s LitQuake Festival, a ten-day event featuring over 860 authors and 217 scheduled events.


Architecture Is Exile History

October 24th, 7 PM– Architecture Professor Christoper Long, who specializes in Central European architecture at UT Austin, will be lecturing on the Groags at BookPeople in Austin. Free event.

Thursday, November 21, 6:30 PM – A conversation between author Ursula Prokop and architect Shmuel Groag, the great-nephew of the Groags at The Isokon in London. Buy tickets here!

We would like to thank the Santa Monica Public Library, The Society of Architectural Historians, as well as Professor Laura McGuire for a wonderful event on September 28th! The audience enjoyed a slide lecture with rare images and designs of the Groags, with a conversation between Prof. McGuire and DoppelHouse publisher Carrie Paterson.

Film Screening

October 24th, 6–8 PM– The Francis Naumann Gallery in Manhattan will host a film screening of Steven Watson’s Beatrice Woods Remembers, based on the life of the prolific artist who is central to Naumann’s book. (Watch the trailer here.) The screening will be followed by a book signing with our Mentors author. Free event.


Goan Arts and Literary Festival

Dec. 4th–8th– A Stranger at My Table‘s author, Ivo de Figueiredo, will be a special guest at the annual literary festival in Goa, as well as making appearances at bookstores in the area, including Broadway Book Center, Literati, and DogEars. De Figueredo will also be at venues in Mumbai before the festival.