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Red Wave: An American in the Soviet Music Underground

Wild and vivid — a rollicking memoir of romance and rock ‘n’ roll in an era of upheaval and transition. From Los Angeles to Leningrad and back again, Joanna’s story is borne along by her infectious, headlong enthusiasm. It’s quite a ride.
– Patrick Radden Keefe, author, award winning staff writer at The New Yorker and creator of Wind of Change podcast

Red Wave is a warm and conversational autobiography detailing Stingray’s many rock ‘n’ roll adventures in the Soviet Union and Russia in the years before, during, and after glasnost. […] An essential narrative of a fascinating and under-documented period in music and art […], Red Wave helps shine some light into this remarkable corner of rock history.
– Tim Sommer, music journalist at MTV and former news director at VH1, writing for Guernica

Human Rights Memoirs

As seen on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper and a New York Times Emmy-award winning documentary.

A humanist forger, a utopian outlaw, the Robin Hood of false papers, preparing passports and identity cards for the world’s oppressed.
– Jerusalem Post

A true story of Cold War bravery and danger.
– Publishers Weekly

Takes a sharp look at the dysfunction of the U.S.S.R., offering details that no one in the West could imagine. […] An important memoir by a fearless man.
Foreword Reviews

A love letter to an unloved place… A sparkling memoir.
– Ben Ehrenreich, The Guardian

Fierce and defiant, Al-Ghoul’s book is as much a celebration of Gazan resilience in the face of raging internal and external conflicts as it is of one woman’s life-affirming strength of will. An eloquent, provocative, and timely memoir.
–  Kirkus Reviews

Photography and Film

Amir Zaki — Building + Becoming

Amir Zaki makes stately, often elegant photographs that subtly undermine perceptions of coherence and stability in architecture. […] His relentlessly inquisitive spirit uncovers the peculiar, the precarious, the buoyant and the beautiful in the structures we tend to pass with little thought.
– Los Angeles Times

Jonas Mekas, Shiver of Memory

Like Mekas, who knew how to give the small and personal a universal charge, Delpeut also applies the stylistic device of alternating between individual and abstract reflections. It is simultaneously a finished piece and the beginning (or continuation) of a conversation.
– Dutch Review of Books

Art and Popular Culture

Sting in the Tale: Art, Hoax, and Provocation

A masterful study of fictive art — a genre of geofictions, fictive museums, art movements, and invented persona which predate and challenge our current affliction of alternative facts and terrifying political fabulations. This scrupulously researched study is a model of interdisciplinary scholarship, bound to generate significant debate. If Philip K. Dick invented an academic historian to define and taxonomize the interdisciplinary genre of our age, Antoinette LaFarge would be it. 
– Thyrza Nichols Goodeve

The Chosen Few: Aesthetics and Ideology in Football-Fan Graffiti and Street Art

Mapping the visual – and vicious – struggles between football supporter groups over dominance and territory in urban landscapes of Europe, Velikonja creates a wonderful overview of this ambiguous, inventive and provocative art form, created by and for the people, and concerned with so much more than football: gender and class, local, regional and national loyalties, money, politics and emotions.
– Tea Sindbæk Andersen

Erick Meyenberg: Even When Fall Is Here

A bilingual, intertextual conversation between an artist and a gardener about creation, change, and loss in the California border-landscape.
Book Trailer: Erick Meyenberg and Ruth Estévez

More about Erick Meyenberg: on Hyperallergic and The New York Times. Co-published with haudenschildGarage.

Architecture Biographies

A collection of lively and often humorous vignettes reveals the genius behind one of 20th century’s most important architects and cultural critics. Published on occasion of the 150th anniversary year of Loos’ birth. Revised edition.

In razor-sharp anecdotes, some a paragraph, some several pages, Claire writes in the present tense. The result is altogether Loosian: timeless, with as little ornament, but as much empathy, as any protégé could deliver. Here, theory in the flesh walks in.
– Barbara Lamprecht, coauthor of Neutra: Complete Works

A full-color biography of the exiled architect and designer couple from Vienna who significantly contributed to the definition of modernism in Britain examines their lives on two continents. Supported by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.

Thoroughly researched, objectively written, her book on the Groag couple is of serious interest to any student of 20th century modernist architecture and design and should, and will, be part of every academic or museum art historical library.
– Paul Wijdeveld, author of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Architect

A deserted Paris house holds the mystery of a brilliant Viennese modernist who worked alongside Corbusier and Loos before vanishing. Jean Welz’s prior architectural career has been virtually unknown.

Wyeth combines a sharp analysis of Europe’s artistic
movements between the two wars with refreshing personal insights to create a fascinating portrait that is both fluid and easy to read.
– Burkhardt Rukschcio, author of Adolf Loos: Leben und Werk

Holocaust Memoirs

Hitler, Stalin and I by Heda Margolius Kovály and and Helena Třeštíková
Heda’s torturous path through some of the 20th century’s greatest calamities is rendered with deep wisdom and a poetic eye for detail. […] An important historical account and a testament to human endurance.
– Tobias Mutter, Shelf Awareness

Not just about one survivor but a meaningful observation of an even more significant story about the bloody outcomes of extremism.
– New York Journal of Books

The Ghetto Swinger - paperback book cover
The heartening memoir of a Jewish guitarist who survived concentration camps through his music, arrived back to a destroyed Berlin and helped remake the jazz and swing culture of his city.

The Ghetto Swinger: The Incredible Story of Jazz Star Coco Schumann Who Played in Auschwitz For His Life
Huffington Post
Operation Yellow Star and Black Thursday
Adept reporting and personal experience make for a gripping read.
Foreword Reviews

A journalistic, yet passionately written j’accuse against the French collaborators and those who want to erase the [era’s] devastating atrocities.
– Lew Whittington, New York Journal of Books 

Prize-Winning Fiction

An evocative portrait of a lost girl demanding agency.
Kirkus Reviews
Fall 2018 preview

As lush with speculative literary history as it is with lyrical prose,
picking its way through the sticky webs of family dynamics and revolutionary politics.

– World Literature Today

Readers who favor the sensual detail and daring brilliance of Brian Aldiss, Samuel R. Delany, Carol Emshwiller, George R.R. Martin, and Frank Herbert will find much to enjoy in this dazzling translation.
– William Grabowski, Library Journal

Bookmarks Reviews

The Consequences - Book Cover
A sensitive and erudite exploration of the tangled relationships between synchronicity, identity, life, and art.
– Los Angeles Review of Books

You’ll be hooked as I was if you pick up this serious yet humor-filled examination of a [conceptual artist’s] life too well examined.
– Literary Hub