DoppelHouse Press Summer Books

A Stranger at My Table:
The postcolonial story of a family caught in the half-life of empires 
By Ivo de Figueiredo; translated by Deborah Dawkin
May 2019
Ivo de Figueiredo’s lyrical and imagistic memoir navigates a difficult search for the origins of his estranged father, which opens a door to a family history spanning four continents, five centuries and the rise and fall of two empires. 

Figueiredo’s touching, contemplative chronicle of loss and self-discovery documents his Norwegian childhood, adult reconciliation with his estranged father, and his search for his paternal roots in Goa. . . . This deeply realized personal narrative of a beloved mother and a distant father, finally understood from the perspective of adulthood, is a moving reading experience.” —Publishers Weekly

Mentors: The Making of an Art Historian
By Francis M. Naumann
May 2019
A surprising and revealing memoir populated with art historians, art influencers, and the former lover of Marcel Duchamp, Beatrice Wood.

Naumann shows that mentorship, when it’s done right, is itself a work of art. —Calvin Tomkins

Jacques and Jacqueline Groag, Architect and Designer: Two Hidden Figures of the Viennese Modern Movement
By Ursula Prokop
June 2019
This meticulous double biography restores Jacques and Jacqueline Groag to their rightful places in the pantheon of Viennese Modernists.