“Weaving Art and Memoir:” Jana Zimmer talks about Chocolates from Tangier in local paper

Former poet laureate of Santa Barbara, David Starkey, interviewed Jana Zimmer about the narrative and collage composition of Chocolates from Tangier, for the Santa Barbara Independent.

When prompted on how her fragmentary writing style and collaging may represent the unspeakable horrors of the Holocaust, Zimmer replied “printmaking, creating repetitions, multiples, and variations of the same image — and I include here digital prints — offered me useful tools to signify the unfathomable numbers, both the enormity and the specificity of our losses.”

Starkey calls “Chocolates from Tangier is a strikingly beautiful book, packed with full-color reproductions of [Zimmer’s] art, as well as photographs of objects and documents.”

Read the full interview here, or see selected images from Zimmer’s book, click here.