Russian dissident Arkady Polishchuk to speak about new book

We’re excited to feature human rights advocate and author of our forthcoming book Dancing on Thin Ice: Travails of a Russian Dissenter (which will be released this July) at the American Library Association Annual Conference in New Orleans next month, where he’ll be reppin’ DoppelHouse Press with Publisher and Editor in chief, Carrie Paterson!

PolishchukPolishchuk’s compelling memoir has also received advance praise from Foreword Reviews, which will appear in their July/August issue:

“Arkady Polishchuk’s memoir of life as a Russian dissident uses an icepick forged of sardonic wit and personal experience to pierce deep into the hide of the Soviet system. […] The book takes a sharp look at the dysfunction of the [U.S.S.R], offering details that no one in the West could imagine. […] An important memoir by a fearless man.”

An interview for Publishers Weekly is also in the works. More to follow!