Forthcoming memoir details human rights abuses in Russia

At the peak of his career an elite Russian journalist ceases to write. For daring to satirize the Party writers, his career almost ended at its very beginning. But with the help of friends, soon to be major players in post-Soviet Russia, the journalist gets a job as a managing editor of Asia and Africa Today.

But now his situation is worse than ever. The KGB begins using his magazine as a cover for its agents working abroad. For years, not a day passes that he isn’t aware of this fact. In the end, his anguished patience and fears burst like a sick abscess. He makes a decisive move – he resigns and begins attending anti-Semitic trials and collecting information on the persecution of Russian Evangelicals. He is shadowed, arrested, severely beaten, and interrogated. After international pressure, he is released from prison, but his life is in constant danger: he still possesses the state secret. Arkady Polishchuk, a Russian Jew whose family was murdered in the Ukrainian Holocaust, cannot imagine that soon he will come to represent the Russian Christian emigration movement in the West.

This July, DoppelHouse Press will release Dancing on Thin Ice: Travails of a Russian Dissenter, the memoir of human right advocate and former journalist Arkady Polishchuk. Stay tuned!