RadioFreeEurope / RadioLiberty spotlights Leningrad Rockers and Joanna Stingray

Prague-based journalist, Coilin O’Connor discusses the history of underground rock ‘n’ roll in the USSR in a recent article for RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty (RFE/RL). He also shares Stingray’s story and how she smuggled tapes from Leningrad back into the United States.

O’Connor writes, “Stingray, who recently wrote a book about her experiences, says she was “mesmerized” by what she saw in Leningrad and “became devoted to spending as much time in Russia as I possibly could,” traveling to the country on tourist visas every few months. She quickly became an unlikely but prominent figure in the local rock scene.”

Click here to read the rest of O’Connor’s article, or here to check out Stingray’s memoir, Red Wave.