Instagram art critic praises Zaki’s new photographs

Built in 1915. Renovated in 1966 X, 2021.

“Zaki’s approach evinces a noble act of recovery, reflection, and retrieval of once-lost time,” @carosgalleries, an Instagram art critic wrote who reviewed Zaki’s work at the Diane Rosenstein Gallery. “@amir_zaki_’s treatment of California’s weathered piers is dutiful, nearly doting. These scenes, vacant except for the sure promise of birds, evoke Roland Barthes’ codifying of photography as the ‘longing to inhabit’ through observation. Without site names, they feel less permanent and consequential than they perhaps ought to be, but Zaki’s photographs more urgently provoke an awareness of bigger, interconnected projects: in their breaking and restoration I’m reminded of the contingency of all things, the volatile nature of our being on this earth and occupying this space, the inevitable propagation of images and their constant appearance and vanishing.”

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