Hyperallergic praises Liat Yossifor’s “Communicating Vessels”

Critic John Yau praises Liat Yossifor and her current exhibition, “Communicating Vessels” in a recent Hyperallergic review.

Yau notes, “Yossifor’s paintings are dense with contradictions. They invite viewers to see figural presences that never become pictorially apparent but are sensed throughout her work, in both their texture and the sensuous, linear shapes. […] The works evoke walls and plastering, as well as the human desire to leave behind one’s permanent mark. The surface shifts — from smooth, creamy pathways to deep gouges […]. At a time when our collective anxieties are pushing for solutions, Yossifor reminds us that answers are likely to be temporary, while change is inescapable. Where that change will lead us cannot be predicted.”

Her current exhibition is Liat Yossifor: Communicating Vessels at Miles McEnery in Chelsea (May 13–June 19, 2021). For more information on Yossifor, view her monograph published by DoppelHouse Press.