Arts writer Ann Landi recommends Mentors for Summer Reading

Founder and editor of Vasari21, Ann Landi placed Francis M. Naumann’s memoir, Mentors: The Making of an Art Historian, at the top of her suggested summer reading list. Landi has written over decades for ARTnewsThe Wall Street JournalThe New York Times, and magazines like Smithsonian and Art & Antiques.

Landi writes, “Francis Naumann was extraordinarily blessed in studying with two of the greatest scholars of the 20th century, Leo Steinberg and John Rewald, who nourished his academic pursuits, while his friendship with the legendary ceramist Beatrice Wood (sometimes called the Mama of Dada) led to a long and fruitful collaboration for both […] it is bracing to read about the brilliance and humanity of this generation of pioneers.”

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