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ESCAPE HOME Santa Monica Lecture Now ONLINE

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 1.46.51 PMIf you missed Charles Paterson and Carrie Paterson at the Santa Monica Library on July 21, 2013, you can now view the entire lecture here or on our YouTube page.

Organized by: Society of Architectural Historians, Southern California Chapter. Video editing: Dino Dumandan

Frankfurt Rights – The Private Adolf Loos

NOTE: CZ RIGHTS AVAILABLE, AS WELL AS ALL OTHER LANGUAGES. Lively and often humorous vignettes by the last wife of the early Modern architect Adolf Loos are featured in an intimate biography by Claire Beck Loos. “Snapshots” of the last years of Loos’ life (1929–1933) reveal the personality and philosophy that helped shape Modern architecture in Vienna and the Czech lands. An introduction and biographies frame the first English translation of the work, which was originally published in German in 1936. Supplemental texts and photographs also included. PRAISE The theatrical… Read more Frankfurt Rights – The Private Adolf Loos

Frankfurt Rights – A Room with a Darker View: Chronicles of My Mother and Schizophrenia

A daughter breaks the family silence about her mother’s schizophrenia, reframing hospitalizations, paranoia, illness, and caregiving through a feminist lens. 272 pages.August 2020. Paperback.Ebook also available. $18.95 | 9781733957908   Claire Phillips’ elegantly written and unflinching memoir about her mother, an Oxford-trained lawyer diagnosed in mid-life with paranoid schizophrenia, challenges current conceptions about mental illness, relapse and recovery, as well as difficulties caring for an aging parent with a chronic disease. Told in fragments, the work also becomes a startling reflection on mother-daughter relationships during the evolution of 20th-century feminism.… Read more Frankfurt Rights – A Room with a Darker View: Chronicles of My Mother and Schizophrenia