Loos Exhibition in Pilsen Opens, Starring “A Private Portrait”

“Claire Beck-Loos, the Witness of an Era” is one of 20 panels with photos and excerpts from Claire’s book, Adolf Loos–A Private Portrait (2011), which tell about her life with the famous architect Adolf Loos, their travels, his architectural philosophy, and some of the characters in Loos’ circle. We found several unseen photographs of Claire for this exhibition, which was organized by the tireless David Ruzicka and held at the famous Pilsen Synagogue. The Synagogue has been beautifully restored – it actually survived the war without major damage – and is home to a small but vibrant local Jewish community. The Becks and extended family were residents of Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, and Claire was born there.

Below: a concert photograph from the night the exhibition opened to the public. Courtesy David Ruzicka and his associates.