The Artist, The Censor, and The Nude receives high praise by Roya Hakakian

The Artist, The Censor, and The Nude: A Tale of Morality and Appropriation“Of all the many books that have been published about Iran, none so viscerally conveys the absurdity of the censorship that bears on the nation, or the spirit of rebellion against it as The Artist, the Censor, and ​The Nude. Only an artist of the keenest sensibilities, like ​Pamela ​Joseph, can make such a distant experience so present.

– Roya Hakakian, author of Journey from the Land of No​: A Girlhood Caught in Revolutionary Iran​.

Esteemed Iranian American poet, Roya Hakakian, is a 2008 Guggenheim Fellow, a MacDowell Fellow and 2003 recipient of a Dewitt/Wallace Reader’s Digest Fellowship in Writing. She has worked on 60 Minutes, A&E’s “Travels With Harry,” and on ABC Documentary Specials with the late Peter Jennings, Discovery and The Learning Channel. Hakakian is a founding member of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center and serves on the board of Refugees International.

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