British Czech and Slovak Review features Jacques and Jacqueline Groag, Queen Elizabeth

In their October/November issue, British Czech and Slovak Review features the explosively creative Groag couple, including an enthusiastic review of DoppelHouse’s Jacques and Jacqueline Groag, Architect and Designer: Two Hidden Figures of the Viennese Modern Movement. Read an excerpt below:

“This July Ursula Prokop’s well-researched biography of Groag and his wife Jacqueline was published by DoppelHouse Press, bringing to our attention these two important designers who practiced in Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Britain after World War II. […] The legacy of Jacques Groag lies in helping make Adolf Loos’ and Ludwig Wittgenstein’s architectural designs possible, producing his own modernist building designs, furnitures and interiors, and contributing an excellent [duplex] at the Werkbundsiedlung in Vienna. Jacqueline Groag is considered one of the most important British postwar designers. Both Jacques and Jacqueline were essential pieces in the multi-faceted Czech and Slovak tapestry of endeavor to enrich the world of art, design and architecture.”—Ivan Margolius

The British feature comes just in time for our London event on November 21st, where author Ursula Prokop will be in conversation with Shmuel Groag at the Isokon. Get tickets here.

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