A Peak into “Resident Alien,” New York’s nod to Austrian Architects

Through five subsections of its Fall exhibit, the Austrian Cultural Forum New York proves how Austrian architects have influenced the spaces around us in all three dimensions. Until February 17th, 2020, visitors have the chance to walk through a comprehensive showcase of Austrian-American design spanning from the modernist period to current-day.

Resident Alien’s list of over 25 featured architects and designers

“Architects design forms using geometric primitives and they also aggregate these basic building blocks into larger compositions.”

In the Aggregate Families section, designs from two subjects of DoppelHouse books, Adolf Loos and Paul T. Frankl, can be found. In Primitive Domains, which focuses on building designs using simple geometric shapes, Charles Paterson’s Boomerang Lodge is featured.

photo courtesy of Fonda Paterson

Not only is the exhibit an ode to Austrian-American design, but the building itself: the ACFNY’s building was designed by Austrian-American Raimund Abraham. In this way, Resident Alien is allows one to both admire and interact with its subject. The exhibit will be open until February 17th, 2020. See more pictures below: