Zaki makes Artillery 2022 Top 10 List

Amir Zaki, “Built in 1874, Damaged in 1889, Renovated in the 1920s X” (60 x 48-3/4 in., framed), © Amir Zaki, Courtesy of Diane Rosenstein Gallery.

Ezrha Jean Black of Artillery reflects upon Zaki’s photograph from his June show at Diane Rosenstein, “On Being There”: “The sea, the endless sea; the limitless horizon line; and that final jumping-off point, our perch at the shore’s edge—and how do we get from here to there, where we finally tip over the vanishing point of the planet’s curvature? There’s loneliness and longing in these brilliant bisected views of our place of (mostly imaginary) voyage out—and voyage home. (Look to the birds for clues.) The title sums it up perfectly: this is where we are.”

Discover Amir Zaki’s first monograph covering 20+ years of photographic work, including an essay by Walter Benn Michaels and Jennifer Ashton and an interview with Corrina Peipon, Amir Zaki: Building + Becoming.