Triumph of the Now Praises The Last Days of Mankind

Scott Manley Hadley of Triumph of the Now recently reviewed The Last Days of Mankind, Deborah Sengl’s creative exploration of Karl Kraus’ nearly-unperformable play of the same name, in which Sengl utilizes taxidermied rats, drawings and essays to restage the performance.

Hadley notes, “The essays explore why the characters are rats, centering this idea not only within Sengl’s wider outlook, but exploring the historic literary (and allegorical) meaning of rats, as well as Kraus’ own wider writing that used animal metaphors…the book is beautifully presented and the photographs of the art – shot by Mischa Nawrata – are stunning.”

Read the rest of Hadley’s review here, and for more information on Sengl’s hybrid and theatrical artwork,, click here.