The Artist, The Censor and The Nude with Pamela Joseph, Glenn Harcourt, Eleanor Heartney & Francis Naumann

Anderson Ranch Arts Center will host a panel discussion about art and censorship across cultural contexts August 10 from 7-9 pm with author Glenn Harcourt, Eleanor Heartney, Francis M. Naumann and artist Pamela Joseph. The discussion coincides with the publication of Harcourt and Joseph’s eponymous book by DoppelHouse Press. Part monograph, part historical analysis, and part feminist critique, The Artist, The Censor and The Nude responds to books of canonical Western art pirated and censored in Iran. Through Harcourt’s measured analysis of censorship of bodily images and the development of abstraction in art across cultures, Joseph’s critical appropriation of the imagery in the censored books, and a detailed discussion of contemporary Iranian artists working within a censoring Islamic regime, readers come to understand the politics of The Nude and gain a unique perspective on the history of bodily representations in art.