“A Rollicking Foray into the Field of Fictive Art”

Australian artist H.R Hyatt-Johnston‘s review of Antoinette LaFarge’s Sting in the Tale: Art, Hoax, and Provocation for Artist Profile enjoys the book’s exquisite humor and praises the book as “an impressive journey of revelation and rediscovery.”

Describing the book as a “thought-provoking analysis…that challenges what we believe when we discover we are being deceived,” Hyatt-Johnston emphasizes the importance of LaFarge’s work, “[indicating] that if no one reflects on these misunderstandings and misdirections, then the role of fictive art has failed. Trust is needed in societies but there must be room for questioning conventions, perceptions and doubt.”

Delve deeper into the world of fictive art with many of the provocative artists featured in Sting in the Tale. Foregrounding their perspectives, author Antoinette LaFarge will engage them on sensitive topics about manipulating truth, about deception and its role in artmaking, and ask them to share their personal experiences in making their iconoclastic works.

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