Artblog Endorses Antoinette LaFarge’s Sting in the Tale

Art historian and author Andrea Kirsch reviewed Antoinette LaFarge’s Sting in the Tale on Artblog, encouraging anyone who enjoys “detective stories and mysteries, or a good story” to check out this fascinating book of art criticism.

Kirsch’s background in art history enables an academic perspective; however, she notes “LaFarge’s examples encompass such an intriguing range that the book will also pique the curiosity of many culturally-curious readers… [those] who care about questions of artists’ ethical obligations to their audiences, the authority of museums in establishing artifacts as art and verifying their authenticity, the role of educational institutions in producing official histories, and the possibilities of art as cultural criticism,” alongside those interested in “a serious study by a university-based scholar.”

Read the rest of Kirsch’s review here!

For more information on LaFarge’s deep-dive into the world of fictive art, click here, and check out upcoming Artist Conversations below. Iris Häussler will be joining LaFarge next on December 8 at 5 o’clock Pacific Time.