Sir John Tusa calls Hitler, Stalin and I a “hopeful” book

Kovaly“A compelling read, appalling and inspiring, tragic and hopeful. Heda’s voice comes through incredibly strongly and my admiration for her clear headed courage and determination is very deep. Full marks to the interviewer for her part in getting Heda’s testimony on the record. The words and tone of voice do not strike a false note. The translation reads simply and without affect. I cannot begin to imagine what reading and re-reading about Rudolf’s murder must have been like. What degrading times they were […] I am very pleased – if that is the word – to have read it.” – Sir John Tusa

Sir John Tusa is a British radio and television journalist and author, and was the presenter of BBC 2‘s Newsnight from 1980-1986 and served as the managing director of BBC World Service from 1986-1993.