Saturday August 15: Viktor Tsoi/Joanna Stingray new video

A tribute to Viktor Tsoi will premiere on Russia’s Channel One this Saturday, August 15th at the end of the Vremya news program. Joanna Stingray recorded an English version of her friend Viktor Tsoi’s song, “Love Is No Joke” in 1987, but she never released it. Now she has made it into a music video with the help of director George Itzhak, using her archival footage, including never before seen moments of Viktor Tsoi’s life in the 1980s. It is the 30th anniversary of his death today, August 15, and his fans around the world are commemorating and celebrating him.

Esquire Russia also hosts the video and more from Joanna about the making of the video, “with rare archive footage , where you can see Tsoi in an informal setting – cheerful, laughing, different [than on stage].” Importantly, the article notes that Kino’s famous album, “Groupa Kroovy” (“Blood Type”) “was recorded at a portable studio donated by her.”

Stingray says, “For me personally, it was always surprising that Tsoi had the image of a heavy, serious person with a strong character. Yes, he could be serious, but it was not his true nature. I knew him to be funny, interesting and charming. That is why I love this clip – the video shows Victor as he was and as I remember him: laughing, funny, artistic and charming, he jokes all the time and looks amazing on stage. I’m really glad that Victor’s fans all over the world will be able to see this video. This is my tribute to him.”

She continues, “By the way, Victor heard my version of the song. He liked it; he said that it was great and funny, he was especially hooked that in the last verse I simply replaced the words with “la-la-la.” He liked this invention! Yes, he really loved it, it’s a very happy version of the song…. My version is very close to the original.”