Paul T. Frankl Autobiography – Review by Chicago Art Deco Society Magazine

CADS ImageBook Review for Paul T. Frankl Autobiography
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“This is a page turner! Anyone who has read Christopher Long’s essential book Paul T. Frankl and Modern American Design (Yale, 2007) may ask, why this one? Just wait until you have an opportunity to read this easy flowing account, which captured this leading Modernist in his own words…Previously unpublished photographs, a brief preface and foreword by [editor Christopher] Long, memories of her father by his daughter [Paulette], and an extensive bibliography and index have been added…From Vienna, New York, and Los Angeles, Frankl looks back on his experiences, his colleagues and collaborators, and his clients with fresh insights. ” MORE
– Chicago Art Deco Society Magazine – Book Review by Bennett Johnson – Spring 2014 Issue