London Czech Centre presents found-footage documentary on the Slánský Trial

Heda Margolius Kovály’s oral history Hitler, Stalin and I  recounts her unwavering resilience under authoritarian regimes: surviving Auschwitz, escaping a death march, and eventually fleeing Stalin’s regime. She also depicts her husband’s grueling experience when falsely accused and executed for treason in the infamous Slánský Trial.

Featuring newly uncovered film reels and audio clips, The Trial: Prague 1952, provides further context to how these predominantly Jewish, former Communist leaders were coerced into making false confessions that eventually led to their executions. This documentary premiered at the Czech Centre in London and was followed by a Q&A with director Ruth Zylberman and Ivan Margolius, Heda’s son and translator, chaired by Dr. Thomas Lorman. Watch the trailer below, or for more information on Kovály’s astounding bravery in the face of adversity, see our book page here.