Join Antoinette LaFarge’s online talk for the “Museum without Walls” conference

The Museums Without Walls conference takes place at Queen’s University, Ontario, between August 15-17.

“The global pandemic has laid bare the technological crossroads where cultural institutions find themselves in the early 21st century. By promoting a superabundance of ‘content’ and multiplying the transversality of connections, digital networks have increasingly undermined the authority of museums as sites for memory preservation, collection stewardship, and discourse reproduction. All the while, new media systems keep promising to expand the museal apparatus and radically transform the ways in which art institutions can perform their mandates and operate within society.

“Has the modern project of the museum finally come to its terms? Can future forms of socio-cultural institutionality be found among online databases, simulated environments, social media communities, smart contracts, and other computer platforms?”

Find out more about Antoinette LaFarge’s contributions to these fields and her compilation of art historical examples of institutional critiques in Sting in the Tale: Art, Hoax, and Provocation.