Jacques and Jacqueline Groag, Architect and Designer News

Ursula Prokop’s Jacques and Jacqueline Groag, Architect and Designer: Two Hidden Figures of the Viennese Modern Movement was recently reviewed by Ladislav Jackson for the academic Journal of Design Studies.

Jackson writes, “Ursula Prokop […] extends her commitment to presenting the interwar environment in Vienna as a leading center of a modern movement wherein Jewish creatives and clients played an important role. … Prokop has gathered an impressive amount of information and presents a thrilling story of the partially forgotten Groags. (A complete list of the Groags’ projects and an accessible bibliography is also useful for resuscitating the pair’s design careers.)”

The entire review can be read here, or in print.

Alongside this, Prokop is participating in a symposium about Ludwig Wittgenstein and is giving a lecture on the history of the “Wittgenstein-Haus” at the Austrian Institute for Science and Art (Institut für Wissenschaft und Kunst). Click here for more information.