Hungarian Art: major review in ARTMargins

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Some of our favorite pull quotes from this very positive book review in ARTMargins:

“Forgács makes a marked effort to describe fine art not only in terms of aesthetic categories, but also on the basis of its political significance.”

“Heartily recommended to anyone curious about the history of modernism and avant-garde art in Hungary, … an informative, readable overview enhanced with a variety of viewpoints and excellent examples.”

“Forgács’ critical intervention is a first step in redrafting the history of Central European modern art, within which national art histories can show their own inner dynamic.”

“Excellent descriptions and interpretations of avant-garde works of art and avant-garde techniques, paying ample attention to ideologies that accompanied the origins of Hungarian Activism, Dada and Constructivism.”

“In the first six chapters of Hungarian Art, Forgács provides a clearly arranged outline history of the main characteristics, most important persons, schools and works of modernism and avant-garde art in this Central-European country (which was until 1918 part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire). Although of different origin and time of publication, these essays represent a coherent narrative, which makes an astonishing overall impression.”