Hagar Peeters Poetry Selection Reverberates with September 11

A poignant selection from Hagar Peeters new collection of poetry from City of Sandcastles is included this month in The Nomadic Journal. We mark this month and September 11 as the tragic anniversary of the 1973 Chilean coup, the date that so many Chileans were thrown into exile. The echoes of this fascist coup resonate with Hagar Peeters, author of Malva (DoppelHouse, 2018), the story of Pablo Neruda’s abandoned daughter. The coup in Chile indirectly or directly caused Neruda’s death. His funeral was witnessed by Peeters’s father, a Dutch journalist whose family died in the Holocaust. Reverberating through history and all the tragedies of September 11 that would follow in 2001, the date must be grasped in its entirety to be fully understood.