Francis Naumann’s stunning take-down of white supremacist art historians in The Brooklyn Rail

DoppelHouse author and Duchamp scholar Francis Naumann published an article in The Brooklyn Rail that condemns an Anti-Semitic “art-criticism” book that made its way onto Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Target. As Naumann patiently breaks down Brenton Sanderson’s conspiracy theories, blatant falsehoods, and disregard for facts, he unravels key arguments of Sanderson’s work, characterizing the text as nothing but Anti-Semitism masking itself as art criticism.

Naumann asserts, “Sanderson’s attack on Dada and Abstract Expressionism as artistic movements orchestrated by Jews to destroy western art are on their face ludicrous,” and closes his essay highlighting the enduring contributions these movements had on modern art.

Although some have argued Naumann and other art historians should ignore the absurdity of Sanderson’s claims all together, Naumann firmly believes that “threats to civility and justice must be denounced at the earliest possible opportunity. Ignoring them or allowing them to go unchallenged allows them to grow and fester like an unattended wound,” thus warranting his steadfast response. Read the rest of Naumann’s essay here.

Note that by the time of this post’s publication, both Amazon and Target have removed the text from their sites.

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