Francis M. Naumann’s Mentors included in Beatrice Wood spotlight

Moriah Gill’s article, “Was Rose in ‘Titanic’ Based on a Real Person?” published by Rare highlights aspects of Beatrice Wood’s expansive career, including one amazing detail: Naumann’s recollections of Wood, James Cameron’s inspiration for Titanic and photographs of Wood meeting with the acclaimed director.

Gill writes, “So, in awe of [Beatrice] Wood, [James] Cameron purchased a copy of [Wood’s] autobiography and read it to which he discovered that the theme of the film was similar to Woods. The theme is the consternation of her wealthy parents, a girl falling in love with a young man from the lower cabins, and Wood’s desire to break from her conservative upbringing.”

For more information regarding Wood’s career, click here for Francis M. Naumann’s memoir, Mentors.