Forthcoming Books 2016-2017

We have a great line up confirmed for 2016-2017 and still others in the works.
Some books you can look forward to:

  • Verklempt – Stories by Peter Sichrovsky
    Translated by John Howard with a Foreword by Ari Roth
    January 2016

Peter Sichrovsky is an Austrian journalist, internationally best-selling author, and former politician who has published eighteen books. In Verklempt, Sichrovsky aggressively dismantles post-Holocaust Jewish identity with love stories, where love is a bitter pill, a joke, a missed chance at happiness, a secret, a ghost, or a longing to be with a person one cannot even remember.
“Intense existential stories with uplifting conclusions about people torn by past conflicts and histories.”
– Ivan Margolius, author of Reflections of Prague: Journeys Through the 20th Century

“A fine translation of Coco Schumann’s vivid memoir of a life in music. From his early enthusiasm for American jazz in Berlin cabarets to his membership of Terezin’s celebrated Ghetto Swingers and surviving Auschwitz through his music, to post-war appearances with the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, jazz remains a constant in a remarkable life story.”
– Ron Simpson, The Jazz Rag

  • Dingbat 2.0: The Iconic Los Angeles Apartment as Projection of a Metropolis
    Edited by Thurman Grant and Joshua G. Stein
    February 2016

Praised and vilified in equal measure, dingbat architecture is synonymous with Los Angeles’ rapid post-war urban expansion. Often dismissed as ugly and mundane, dingbats are nevertheless rare examples of consistency in typologic design during the city’s 20th century sprawl. Essays by Aaron Betsky, Dana Cuff, Wim de Wit, Barbara Bestor, and Steven Treffers, among others; artwork by Judy Fiskin and others. Published in conjunction with the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, this book foregrounds many of the crucial issues facing global metropolises at the beginning of the 21st Century.

  • Liat Yossifor: Movements (artist book)
    April 2016

Essays by Ed Schad, Christopher Michno, Stella Rollig, and Karen Lang with images from Yossifor’s last 3 years of an evolving painting series. This book will be launched simultaneously in Germany and Los Angeles in conjunction with several Yossifor exhibitions.

  • Pam Joseph: Censored (artist book)
    September 2016

Essays by Eleanor Hartney, Glenn Harcourt, Francis Naumann, and others, with excerpts and images from Iranian books of censored Western Art that are the artist’s source material.

  • Adolfo Kaminsky: A Forger’s Life by Sarah Kaminsky
    Translated by Mike Mitchell with a new Author’s Preface
    September 2016

Professional photographer Adolfo Kaminsky tells of his life as forger for the French Resistance, the Algerian FLN and numerous other freedom movements of the 20th century. Starting as a young Jewish teenager recruited for his knowledge of dyes, Kaminsky went on to produce thousands of counterfeit documents for immigrants, exiles, underground political operatives and pacifists throughout the world until 1971. The now ninety year-old Kaminsky kept his past cloaked in secrecy until his daughter, a professional screenwriter, convinced him to take readers through these dangerous, thrilling and illegal activities in order to reflect on his quest for justice and peace in this world.

  • Two Émigré Artists of the Viennese Modern Movement: The Architect and Designer Couple Jacques and Jacqueline Groag by Ursula Prokop
    Translated by Jonee Tiedemann
    January 2017

Prokop’s meticulously researched history restores Jacques and Jacqueline Groag to their rightful places in the pantheon of Viennese Modernists. The couple studied and worked within a circle of notables including Ludwig Wittgenstein, Adolf Loos, Paul Engelmann, Josef Hoffmann and Franz Cizek. Beginning with the Groags’ early collaborations in the 1930’s to their lives as Jewish émigrés after the Anschluss, Prokop explores the couple’s unique aesthetic contributions in pre-Reich Vienna and Czechoslovakia as well as later in Britain for postwar exhibitions, monuments, furniture and textile design.

  • Three Tearless Stories by Erich Hackl
    Translated by Mike Mitchell
    March 2017

Three related stories of the Holocaust based on private letters, diaries, and photographs are presented together by award-winning Austrian author Erich Hackl: the improbable wedding of resistance fighter Gisela Tschofenig (1917-1945) that took place at Auschwtiz; a fragmented biography of Jewish photographer Wilhelm Brasse (1917-2012), whose images of Auschwitz remain the only living record of all who died and suffered there; and a multi-generational story of the Klagsbrunns, an émigré Jewish family of coal merchants who escaped to Brazil, only to later have a grandchild imprisoned and unspeakably tortured there by the 1950s military regime.

  • Operation Yellow Star / Black Thursday by Maurice Rajsfus
    Translated by Phyllis Aronoff
    April 2017

For Operation Yellow Star, investigative journalist Maurice Rajsfus meticulously researched French police archives in order to scrutinize the culture of the gendarme and the role the police played as collaborators with the Nazis and the Vichy regime. Through arrest records and transcripts, Rajsufs seeks to understand the ways average French citizens resisted the German Occupation. In the second half of the book, Black Thursday, Rajsfus offers his own recollections of being arrested in the July 1942 Vel d’Hiv roundup of 13,000 Jews. Those most people detained during those two days lost their lives after being deported to Auschwitz, the author survived and has spent his life grappling with French culpability in the Holocaust.

  • Deborah Sengl: The Last Days of Mankind, a Karl Kraus Epic (artist book)
    June 2017

Viennese artist Deborah Sengl uses taxidermy, drawings and paintings to reimagine Karl Kraus’ ten hour theatrical masterwork The Last Days of Mankind (Die Lentzen Tage der Menscheit). Essays by Matthias Goldmann and poetry scholar Marjorie Perloff examine how Sengl’s ambitious re-staging of 44 critical scenes from Kraus’ play reflects current attitudes about global conflicts and war.

  • Paul T. Frankl | Autobiography – Collector’s Edition (reissue with extras)
    Edited by Christopher Long and Aurora McClain
    September 2017

“This is a page turner! Anyone who has read Christopher Long’s essential book Paul T. Frankl and Modern American Design (Yale, 2007) may ask, why this one? Just wait until you have an opportunity to read this easy flowing account, which captures this leading Modernist in his own words.”
– Bennett Johnson, Chicago Art Deco Society Magazine

  • The Consequences by Niña Weijers
    Translated by Hester Velmans
    September 2017

A striking debut novel from The Netherlands by Niña Weijers, shortlisted for the Golden Boekenuil prize and winner of the prize committee’s Jury Readers Award. This enchanting rollercoaster of a story about Dutch performance artist Minnie Panis, who uses her own life to examine perception, intimacy and identity, is also an existential and philosophical Bildungsroman.
“Up to the last disturbing sentence the writer holds the reader in her manipulative grip.” – De Groene Amsterdammer