Dancing on Thin Ice is “Proven to Stimulate Thinking”

PolishchukIn her list of books that are “Proven to Stimulate Thinking,” Fiona Citkin of Thrive Global includes our upcoming book Dancing on Thin Ice:

“The books that really stimulated thinking and kept me up at night countless times are those I take personally. […] I recognize the settings, I commiserate with people, I know how horrible it is to feel stuck there. I could not sleep after The Russians* by Hedrick Smith; Putin’s Russia** by Anna Politkovskaya; and Dancing On Thin Ice by Arkady Polishchuk […] The depressing surroundings of Polishchuk’s life might be hard to believe for a Western person—but it is re-counted with such journalistic vision and style that reading the book is both enlightening and entertaining.”

* Hedrick Smith, who served as the Moscow Bureau Chief in 1971–74, published his number one American bestseller, The Russians, in 1975. It was translated in 16 languages.

** Putin’s Russia was published in the West in 2004. Anna Politkovskaya was murdered in the elevator of her apartment building in 2006 while working on a story on the torture practices of  ​the president of Chechnya​’s​ regime. She called him “Chechen Stalin of our days​.​”