Architektur Aktuell review of Paul T. Frankl – Autobiography

We are excited to announce that our latest title, Paul T. Frankl | Autobiography, was reviewed in the December 2013 issue of Architektur Aktuell. Read our translation of the German article below or download this article in its original German.

LookInside-architektur-aktuell_cover_Dez2013Book Review for Paul T. Frankl Autobiography

“Christopher Long, a professor at the University of Texas in Austin, is one of the leading American experts on the Viennese Modernism. In 2011, he presented new research about the Loos-House on Michaelerplatz in Vienna. In 2007, Long published the first monograph of the Austrian-American designer Paul Theodor(e) Frankl (1886-1958). For the Art Deco lovers in the USA, Frankl is known as the inventor of the “Skyscraper” furniture. Since the Viennese exhibit “The Visionaries & The Exiled” 1995, people also know him in Europe as the key figure of the Avant Garde exports from the old continent in the USA. Educated as an architect in Vienna and Berlin, Frankl left for America in 1914 and traveled until Tokyo. After that, he established himself in New York, furnished salons for Helena Rubinstein and founded the Frankl Galleries, where he sold modern design. He celebrated the “American” Modernism with skyscraper furniture and wrote important books that explained Modernism. The autobiography is an exciting account of his adventures until his late works in Los Angeles at the Frankl store on Rodeo Drive.”
– Architecture. Aktuell – Book Reviews – December 2013 Issue
(quote has been translated from its original German)

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