A Lesson For Humanity – The Jerusalem Post publishes major feature on Adolfo Kaminsky


By Yaëlle Azagury
The Jerusalem Report / Jerusalem Post

Online December 13, 2016; in print December 26, 2016
“Kaminsky’s life is novelistic material, encapsulating the Jewish experience in the 20th century, made of displacement, exile and deportation.
A humanist forger, a utopian outlaw, the Robin Hood of false papers, preparing passports and identity cards for the world’s oppressed.
“Penned in unassuming, unembellished language, perhaps as discreet as Adolfo’s self-effacing personality, and rendered in a smooth translation by Mike Mitchell … Sarah Kaminsky, an actress and scriptwriter, dons her father’s persona seamlessly…. A powerful homage, written with a casual, if poignant, simplicity, often masking heart-felt conundrums.”
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Photo: Joel Saget / AFP