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Tag: contemporary art

Mentors, “Full of Humor and Personality”

On his blog Triumph of the Now, reviewer Scott Manley Hadley discusses the many intriguing aspects of Mentors, a forthcoming memoir by art historian and scholar Francis M. Naumann: “An odd but consistently engaging text about academic mentorship, about art, about art history, about writing, about ageing, about illness, about artists and ….

Hungarian Art – Confrontation and Revival by Éva Forgács

DoppelHouse Press publishes major anthology of Hungarian Art

Hungarian modernism may be a terra incognita for many but the distinguished art historian Éva Forgács is an invaluable guide to the territory. Her essays are shafts of light illuminating a complex terrain that is not only located at the center of Europe but, given the seismic political shifts that have occurred there, is central to the history that defined the twentieth century.