Adolfo Kaminsky Press Clippings

Over more than a decade now, Adolfo Kaminsky’s incredible story, his remarkable character and great humanism have received attention around the globe. View a selection of articles published in Italy, Brazil, Germany, Algeria, Spain, Israel, Argentina and others and read other linked articles below. 

[… Kaminsky] grew to be a humanist forger, a utopian outlaw, the Robin Hood of false papers, preparing passports and identity cards for the world’s oppressed.
– The Jerusalem Post

Every resistance movement had its forgers,​ but few have told their tales. Many, like​ ​Kaminsky, were very young technicians and​ ​chemists when they began their work. Sarah​ ​Kaminsky’s affectionate rendering of her​​ ​father’s life, with all the intricacies of his trade,​ ​is a book not just about a remarkable craftsman,​ ​but a man who strove to save “every life​ ​that​ ​was​ ​in danger​.​”
– Times Literary Supplement

An engrossing literary debut. […] Writing in Adolfo’s voice gives this suspenseful narrative candor and immediacy.
 Kirkus Reviews

A thrilling, novelesque account of how a young man became a sought-after subversive force. […] A triumphant wartime biography, full of heroism and near-alchemistic craftiness.
 Foreword Reviews

While Adolfo, as the book’s narrator, remains center-stage, the story is filled with dozens of courageous, intriguing characters, cogs in the wheels of freedom fighting. From them Adolfo learns that “the line between ‘resistance’ and ‘terrorism’ is sometimes very fine, difficult to feel.” This necessary book provides unforgettable insights into hidden worlds of the Jews, intellectuals, and partisans who fought back.
– Jewish Book Council

Fascinates as a case study of a man driven by a lifelong compulsion, a psychological need, to combat oppression […] A moving portrait of a compelling figure in a field rarely occupied by noble persons struggling to combat evil and right wrongs.
– Manuscripts, the quarterly journal of The Manuscript Society

Ably translated, the prose carries the tension of a spy novel. […] Sights and smells of laboratories are vividly rendered, along with the nuances of photoengraving and careful interactions with strangers and colleagues. […] This is a fascinating tribute to a humanitarian and a glimpse at the nuts and bolts of covert operations.
– Hallie Cantor, Yeshiva University, Association of Jewish Libraries Reviews

This riveting story captures the reader’s imagination, bringing us back in time to Europe, Africa, and South America, including Nazi Germany, and the Algerian War of Independence. These harrowing moments of history are recreated through interviews with Mr. Kaminsky himself, offering rare insight from a forger’s perspective and how one person truly can make a difference.
– Eugenia P. Treadwell, Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

Penned in unassuming, unembellished language, perhaps as discreet as Adolfo’s self-effacing personality, and rendered in a smooth translation by Mike Mitchell, […] Sarah Kaminsky dons her father’s persona seamlessly by transcribing Adolfo’s account to her in his own voice, so the book reads like a memoir. It is a powerful homage, written with a casual, if poignant, simplicity, often masking heartfelt conundrums.
The Jerusalem Report

The pointed and sober biography […] of one of the world’s best forgers.
Der Spiegel

La Repubblica Federal     

A touching story traversing a century in clandestine shadow crossings.

If made into a film, the life of Adolfo Kaminsky would have all the ingredients of suspense thriller, war movie, historical tragedy, intimate drama and scenes of terror.
– O Globo