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Literaturhaus Wien event for Escape Home

DSCF8371The Exile Library at the Literaturhaus in Vienna welcomed DoppelHouse Press authors Charles Paterson and Carrie Paterson on June 4 to give a book presentation. Thanks to Ursula Seeber for organizing this heartwarming event, which was also a chance for many friends and relatives of the Patersons to meet each other. We are grateful Philipp Heinz caught these moments on camera for all of us.

New Nomadic Journal Feature Article by Susan Logoreci

We asked artist Susan Logoreci about a recent encounter she had in Montreal with Adrian Paci’s work, which resonated with her on personal and aesthetic levels. Image: Home to go, 2001, courtesy Peter Blum Gallery, New York.

Here’s an excerpt from her article:
Paci’s exhibition is a meditation on how fate shapes our emotional lives and how people hold on to strength as they are laid bare. It alternates between the beauty people create as well as the violence they are capable of, between powerful people and compliant ones. As a person who grew up with his personal freedom obliterated, Paci creates subtle work…

Summit Daily raves about Escape Home

Dad-AT-cover-story-August2013“What is the measure of a life well lived?” asks Karina Wetherbee of the Summit Daily in an April 5 book review of Escape Home: Rebuilding a Life After the Anschluss. “Rare is the person who does not look back on a lifetime with some sense of marvel… Some people live lives so large they seem to pack many existences into their brief time on this planet. Longtime Aspen resident Charles Paterson is one such person.”

Frankl’s Autobiography Wins Book Design Award

look-inside-Frankl2Earlier this year, our latest title Paul T. Frankl | Autobiography was selected as one of the five most beautiful books designed in Austria in 2013! (Die Schoensten Buecher Oesterreichs 2013)

We would like to take a moment to thank and congratulated our talented designer Peter Duniecki for his exceptional work on this compelling and beautiful book.

Barbara Lambrecht and design scholar Christopher Long.

Photos from March 2014 Frankl Events in Los Angeles

Our Press and VIP event was hosted by DOCOMOMO at the Historic Village Green. Last month, we were pleased to host Christopher Long, design scholar and editor Paul T. Frankl | Autobiography, and Paulette Frankl, the daughter of Paul Frankl, at a series of book events in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

We would like to take a moment and thank Steven Keylon and Katie Horak at DOCOMOMO for hosting a wonderfully intimate event with Christopher Long and Paulette Frankl at the historic Village Green in Baldwin Hills.