Review in Hungarian Cultural Studies

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Highlights from an insightful review by Dr. Oliver Botar in Hungarian Cultural Studies (Vol 10, September 2017). Download the PDF of the review here.

“Forgács’s vast knowledge and her ability to identify and synthesize broad swaths of intellectual and conceptual development becomes evident already in the first essay-chapter of this book [… something] that I have never before encountered, and that is thrilling to read in English.”

“Forgács makes it evident that despite its marginalization, this is a tradition that is both firmly rooted in the larger European one, and in no way inferior to it.”

“… what renders the book extraordinary: It is written by one who was both a witness and a participant, a Hungarian historian of Hungarian modernism and an American scholar-critic of Hungarian art.”

“The critical depth and the insight, the analytical and synthetic skills [are] displayed with such brilliance in this volume.”

Forgács’ “intellect, cultural knowledge and research, analytical and synthetic skills, is what makes Hungarian Art: Confrontation and Revival in the Modern Movement a text that I was unable to put down; one that will be used by those interested in the field for a long time to come.”

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