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The Times Literary Supplement praises Adolfo Kaminsky, A Forger’s Life

Adolfo Kaminsky, The Forger

Adolfo Kaminsky

“Every resistance movement had its forgers, ​but few have told their tales. Many, like​ ​Kaminsky, were very young technicians and​ ​chemists when they began their work. Sarah​ ​Kaminsky’s affectionate rendering of her​​ ​father’s life, with all the intricacies of his trade,​ ​is a book not just about a remarkable craftsman,​ ​but a man who strove to save “every life​ ​that​ ​was​ ​in danger​.​”

Read the full review of human rights journalist Caroline Moorehead of Adolfo Kaminsky, A Forger’s Life in The Times Literary Supplement.


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