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New Nomadic Journal Feature Article by Susan Logoreci

Home to go, 2001, courtesy Peter Blum Gallery, New York.
We asked artist Susan Logoreci about a recent encounter she had in Montreal with Adrian Paci’s work, which resonated with her on personal and aesthetic levels. Logoreci lives in Los Angeles where she visualizes urban spaces through colored pencil drawings. Her work is well-known for its ability to recreate the constant motion and flow of the city and surrounding suburbs. She was recently awarded a commission at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and a mosaic based on her drawings will be featured at the Expo/Sepulveda Metro station.

Image: Home to go, 2001, courtesy Peter Blum Gallery, New York.

Here’s an excerpt from her article:

Paci’s exhibition is a meditation on how fate shapes our emotional lives and how people hold on to strength as they are laid bare. It alternates between the beauty people create as well as the violence they are capable of, between powerful people and compliant ones. As a person who grew up with his personal freedom obliterated, Paci creates subtle work… READ ARTICLE


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